Bridges Global is a boutique consulting firm specializing in leadership and organizational effectiveness.

We are passionate about developing collaborative learning spaces. 

We help leaders and teams build transformative bridges from;

  • reactive behaviours into responsive solutions.
  • top-down management models to networked, collaborative processes.
  • semi-motivated individuals to purpose-driven, empowered teams.
  • limited ways of thinking to enriched mind sets and heart sets that authentically connect people.

If you are interested in…

  • Effectively responding to complex challenges
  • Supporting the development of youth leaders and change-makers
  • Building bridges to foster collaboration and innovation
  • Empowering people to deepen engagement and accountability
  • Resolving relationship angst in your university or organization 

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  • Customized learning programs to grow leaders and enhance multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Facilitation to cultivate effective team dialogue that generates real results
  • Youth leadership programs to unleash creative potential 
  • Change support in moving your team from where it is to where you want to be

 Service:  The Bridging Leaders Program

This customized leadership-in-action platform gathers leaders to build personal skills while collaborating and innovating on solutions that matter.  Learn more here…