At Bridges Global, we partner with organizational leaders to harness the power of individuals and groups.

We transform mind-sets and heart-sets using the collaborative advantage so work cultures come alive and people thrive.

If you are feeling blocked by…

Our team understands what it takes to build a trust-based innovative work community.  We use practical tools and behavioral science technology to develop authentic leadership and relational intelligence – from the inside out.

It’s time to move beyond incentives and consequences.  Let us help you build a bridge from compliance to collaboration.  A new emergent model of leadership is calling us all.


  • Talent development and leadership coaching
  • Strengths-based assessment and change management
  • Facilitation to catalyze empowerment and high performance
  • Transformative learning experiences to grow leaders and teams
  • Collaborative partnership-building across functions and sectors
  • Keynote speaking and group process facilitation

 Service:  The Bridging Leaders Program

This six-month leadership development platform gathers leaders from different sectors to collaborate and innovate on solutions that matter.  It is a well-proven leadership-in-action program designed to address complex
issues.  Result areas include organizational strategic goals, corporate social responsibility metrics or the UN
Sustainable Development Goals
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Why partner with the Bridges Global team?

  • We are experienced, passionate, values-driven visionaries who use data-based technology and heart-centered strategies.
  • We use a collaborative partnership approach that sparks synergy and creative ways of working.
  • We focus on a quadruple bottom-line:  People, Partners, Planet and Profits

Contact esoltis@bridgesglobal.net to start a conversation on
how we can best serve you!