Customized Workshops

Bridges Global designs high-impact learning programs that…

  • builds leadership capacity, balancing results with relationships.
  • develops crucial skills, so people feel empowered and capable.
  • enables teams to grow, while building relational intelligence.
  • transforms breakdowns into breakthroughs, to foster innovation.
  • helps multi-stakeholders collaborate, addressing complex issues.



  • Personal Empowerment: Creating the Life You Want at Work and Beyond
  • Career Transition: Stock-Taking and Developing a Path Forward
  • True Colors Personalities: Effective Communication Skills
  • Dealing with Stress:  Cultivating Staff Well-Being
  • Building Confidence:  Aligning Purpose with Values
  • Sense of Purpose:  Re-Connecting to Meaning at Work
  • Listening Skills: Tuning Into the Music Between the Notes


  • Transformative Leadership:  Commitment in Action
  • Team Synergy:  Generating Extraordinary Results Together
  • Emotional Intelligence:  The Art of Relationship-Building
  • Conflict Mastery:  Courageous Conversations
  • Visioning:  Creating a New Organizational Narrative
  • Driving Change:  Linking Strategy with Everyday Work
  • Performance Dialogue:  Coaching to Grow People Potential


  • Partnership-Building: Collaboration that Honours Self + Others
  • Service Excellence:  Exceeding Client Expectations
  • Innovation:  Developing Trust, Creativity and Accountability
  • Complaints:  Transforming Obstacles into Inspired Action
  • The Skill of Engagement:  Enrolling Staff to Expand Contribution
  • Strategic Planning:  Developing A Roadmap to Results
  • Effective Meetings:  Facilitating to Build Authentic Connection

Why are these skill-sets important to fly into high performance? 

Self-mastery is the path to focused productivity and people talent is your competitive edge.

Healthy relationships are the means to any worthwhile goal.

Empowerment is the heart fuel that drives passion, purpose and performance.

Collaboration breaks silos and builds bridges to synergy and new possibilities.

Effective leadership involves inner empowerment and outer collaboration.

The updraft to reaching new heights is personal integrity – living in alignment with one’s values.



Allow us to be the wind underneath your wings!