Image result for coachingBridges Global offers confidential coaching services to support leaders and teams with personal growing edges, enabling people to explore assumptions, gain clarity and take inspired action.   We believe that the solutions are found within.

We use cutting-edge human potential research and tools such as positive psychology, emotional intelligence, neuro-science, cross-cultural collaboration best practices, non-violent communication, appreciative inquiry, empowerment methodology, systems theory, group dynamic models and indigenous wisdom traditions.

Coaching services are intended for three audience groups.

Leadership and Supervisor Coaching
Packages are designed for executive, c-suite and mid-level managers who want to take their performance to another level while optimizing team talent.

Team Coaching
Packages are designed to support department or project teams with conflict, strategic planning, project management, innovation blocks or addressing complex obstacles.

Personal Life/Career Coaching
Packages are designed to support individuals who want to deepen self-awareness, set meaningful goals, enrich relationships, move beyond a plateau or envision a new life direction.  This can also include mind-body-spirit wellness support.

Contact us today to explore what package is best for you.

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