Bridging Leaders Program

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This six-month leadership-in-action platform develops a community of
powerful leadership in order to effectively address complex challenges in organizations and in communities.  We bring together sustainability-minded leaders to develop skills and collaborate on innovation projects.  In so doing, leaders generate positive results for all stakeholders.


  • To empower leaders to be effective in producing positive results
  • To evolve and capacitate organizations in dealing with complexity
  • To create a community of collaborators for positive social change


This program is customized to your context.   Result areas can either evolve your work culture, expand your corporate responsibility or advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (ie. climate action, poverty reduction, gender equality).


  • Bankers in Ghana adopted a river to rehabilitate to expand corporate responsibility.   The river became clean drinking water for the first time in multi-generations.
  • A civic organization secured 75,000 fuel-efficient wood burning stoves to save trees, educate women about forest stewardship and catalyze a local reforestation program.
  • An Ethiopian civil society organization team initiated a 1% green payroll levy to raise thousands of dollars for rural climate action projects.


Responding effectively to complex issues requires a different level of consciousness, new skills and new voices at the table.   Otherwise, we keep doing the same things and get the same results.  This is the time to invest in holistic capacity-building to unleash human potential and impact all levels –
individual, organizational and community.  Moving committed leadership into action is the vehicle that drives new outcomes.


This learning-by-doing leadership program draws on the power of the collective.  The wisdom is within.  With blended learning technology, change-makers practice new skills and behaviours (ie. relational intelligence, systems thinking, cross-functional collaboration).  Small teams design and implement Innovation Projects to create a living laboratory to learn and generate results.  Coaching and peer work helps leaders access the courage to shift systems with game-changing ideas.


Approximately 45-55 influence leaders gather to participate in three 2-4 day workshops, scheduled over six months. The group can consist of either different organizational teams or leaders from various in-house functions.   Depending on the desired result, leaders can be engaged from government, academia, business, labour, UN, media, arts, youth, indigenous leaders and civil society.


    • New strategic alliances form, sparking creative solution-finding
    • Leadership strengthens, balancing results with relationships
    • Organizational culture evolves, revitalizing engagement and high performance
    • Innovation produces positive change, benefiting all stakeholders

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